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Who we are

Oak Pensions Limited (PFA) is set up for the business of Pension Fund Administration under the new Pension Reform Act 2014. The company’s focus and strength will be the application of modern information technology for the management, operation and investment of pension funds for maximum yield to contributors. The company intends to be a major player in the pensions industry by taking less advantage of the strength of its promoters as well deploying aggressive marketing strategies to capture the existing base of its promoters and also making forays into other areas of the lower pensions market.

How we operate

The company is a high service Pension Fund Administrator. Integrated Pension Fund Management and Administration services will be offered from the Head Office at 266, Murtala Mohammed Way, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos, from branches across the Country and from sales outlets of its promoters and their shareholders. The company will aim to rapidly secure and retain the highest number of employees whom it proposes to serve with excellent value – added services utilizing highly skilled personnel and state of the art technology.

Current Fund Prices

RSA Fund Price: 2.2610
Retiree Fund Price: 2.6225
Registered RSA: 182718
Last Updated: Jun 23 2017 8:25AM
Rate of Returns:


  • 266, Murtala Muhammed Way, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos

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  • info@oakpensions.com

CAVEAT!: OAK PENSIONS would not ask for any form of gratification (cash or kind) directly/indirectly during, before or after processing withdrawal applications from Retirement Savings Account holders. Kindly report any request for gratification made in the cause of processing your retirement benefit to management on: 07002255625