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Oak Pensions Limited is set up for the business of Pension Fund Administration under the new Pension Reform Act 2014. The company's focus and strength will be the application of modern information technology for the management, operation and investment of pension funds for maximum yield to contributors.

The company being a major player in the pensions industry deployed aggressive marketing strategies to capture the existing base of its promoters and also making forays into other areas of the lower pensions market. First Pensions Custodian holds pension fund assets on trust for Oak Pensions Limited.

Current Fund Prices

Fund I: 2.1320
Fund II: 5.0366
Fund III: 1.8682
Fund IV: 6.2767
Fund V: 1.5009
Fund VI: 1.2336
Registered RSA: 230692
Last Updated: 07 Jul, 2024
Rate of Returns:13.47%
Administration Fee: N100
Rate of Returns:13.47%
Administration Fee: N100

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Our Products

Retirement Savings Account

Retirement Savings Account is a portable retirement plan account opened by an employee and maintained by a Pension Fund Administrator for the purpose of saving towards the employee?s retirement.

Voluntary Contributions

Voluntary contributions these are additional contributions made by an RSA holder while in service which could be added to his RSA balance at retirement or processed separately.

Defined Benefit Scheme Management

Defined Benefit Scheme was in existence before the introduction of the Pension Reform Act 2004. Under a defined benefit (DB) pension scheme, the amount you?re paid as pension is based on how many years you?ve worked for your employer and the salary you?ve earned.

Benefit Administrations & Payment

Benefits Administration is the process of managing and administering benefits to RSA holders

Retirement Planning & Advisory Services

At Oak Pensions, we offer retirement advisory services to our various customers

How we


Oak Pensions is a high service Pension Fund Administrator. We offer Integrated Pension Fund Management and Administration services from the Head Office at 266, Murtala Mohammed Way, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos, the various branch offices across the Country and from strategic sales outlets of its promoters and their shareholders.

The company aims to rapidly secure and retain the highest number of employees whom it proposes to serve with excellent value added services utilizing highly skilled personnel and state of the art technology.

Team Work

Our team comprise of dedicated staffs that are focused on excellent work synergy in meeting customers? expectations

Customer Service

Our customers come first and in achieving this, we have put together a system to ensure all customers are offered the best of service delivery.


We discharge our duty to all customers with the highest level of professionalism.


We deliver cutting edge technology/Innovations in delivery of our service at all times


Integrity is our watch word in the discharge of our services to all customers

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This new pension scheme is contributory, fully funded, privately managed, third party custody of the funds and assets and based on individual accounts. It ensures that everyone who has worked receives His/her retirement benefits as and when due.

The new pension scheme covers all employees in the public service of the Federation, the Federal Capital Territory and the private sector of the economy.

The existing pensioners, employees who have 3 years or less to retire and the categories of persons covered by the provisions of section 291 of the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 are exempted from the new pension scheme.

Any employee with more than 3 years to retire comes under the new pension scheme.

The new pension scheme is mandatory for all categories of employers and employees covered under the Pension Reform Act.

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